November 2016 Long Range Planning Committee – Water Meter Study

The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) has wrapped up the collection of water meter usage data as of month-end September.  There are two data sets:

  1. The collection of usage details from March through September 2016 based on a mix of 59 full and part time residences with our new radio read meters that volunteered for the “Water Meter Study”.
  2. The collection of 4 years water meter usage history through month-end August 2016 from
    an average of 180 part time and 58 full time residences with the old meters. Each data set has tabulated the monthly average usage into several multi-tiered levels.  The next step will be to meld the two data sets and analyze the results over the next few months to determine how it will apply to the consumption charges (i.e., the variable cost portion) of our new water rate structure moving forward.

As mentioned last month, the rate/payment structure for 2017 will remain similar to 2016.  The shareholders
with new or old meters installed as of year-end 2016 will be charged the residence with active meter annual base rate and usage charges every 2 months, while all other shareholders will be charged their annual base rate according to their existing status at 2016 year-end.  Rates for 2017 will be based on number of meters installed as of January 2017, and the total costs estimated for the year.  Our goal is to continue our pursuit and receipt of the United States Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) loan
“Letter of Conditions” by month-end January 2017 by month-end January 2017, which should lead to the approval/funding of the loan in the later part of 2017.  Based on that favorable outcome, the final rate structure will be implemented in January 2018.

Note:  Pending the Letter of Conditions mentioned above, new homeowners will not be charged for their water meter at close of
escrow.  The costs of the meter purchase and installation, along with the planned mainline/infrastructure improvements will be included in the USDA loan and charged to all residents as an annual assessment beginning in 2018