Meter Usage Study

  • Collecting and tabulating study participant data and historical data from Nov 2011 through Aug 2016 (ECD Oct ME)
  • Will analyze results and determine relevant water usage data applicable to developing rate structure (ECD Nov ME)
  • Will determine proposed rate structure in Nov/Dec timeframe
  • Rates for 2017 will be based on number of meters installed as of Jan 2017, and the total costs estimated for the year
  • Goal for 2018 rates forward will be based on 100% meter installations, and the total annual estimated costs per year
  • The rate/payment structure planned for 2017 will remain similar to 2016. Only those shareholders with new or old meters installed as of 2016 year-end will be charged the residence with active meter annual base rate and usage charges every 2 months, while the others will be charged their annual base rate according to their existing status at 2016 year-end
  • Note: all those shareholders that have received a new meter by year-end 2016 will also be charged a $416.50 fee due within the first 6 months
  • Information required to develop 2017 rates 2017 cost estimates by account identified by fixed vs. variable (including new accounts for office mortgage, insurance, USDA loan reserve fund, short-lived asset reserve, interim financing)
    Interim “bridge loan” would cover selected costs up to construction currently scheduled to start Aug 2017
  •  USDA Loan payments not scheduled to start until approx. June 2018
    Note: loan payments to be covered by water meter and infrastructure annual shareholder “surcharges” added to their
    annual rates. Need to discuss when surcharges would begin (i.e., in 2018 the year USDA loan payments start, or 2017 to build
  • Discuss Billing Hire outside service? Payment Options: automated payments? Debit/credit card payments?
  • Further discuss identifying local contractors for shareholder service line replacements See if contractors will provide quantity discount price breaks for multiple installations Provide contractors information to shareholders