Where did the Winter Go …?

I am sure I am not the only one asking the question but where did winter go?

This is the time of the year we count on an increase in our water inventory that arises out of the seasonal snow fall … but there has been little snow. What snow we have experienced wasn’t very wet.

What then are the expectations for water in the months to come.

Since the inception of the contract with Calaveras County Water District t (CCWD) the measuring device that we use to attempt to measure available water in the Wells indicates that the supply is strong. In fact, it is stronger than in years past.

There are a couple of contributing factors to our water supply: We continue to use less water than in some years past and more importantly the notion of CONSERVATION is still embraced.

There have been some interesting articles recently about California and Water. One was over the debate on: El Nino and La Nina, or is it going to be wet in CA or not.

Another article spoke to the rich fullness of the storage areas in CA and the near overflowing reservoirs. Interesting, but we are a ground water company and are not supplied from a reservoir.

Everyone has two opinions over the water issue but BLS Water continues to believe that keeping a focus on Smart Water Use is the best program available.

The project that started last year that involves some residential access, expansion of hydrants and the install of upgraded
water supply lines continues to move forward. The unusual weather has allowed the program to expand where winter usually would prohibit any work.

Couple of reminders: You can pay your water bill by using your favorite credit card that accumulates miles!! …. AND, there is no conveyance fee. We are forever asking that you send us your email address, as we are forever expanding our email base.

Lastly, if you are concerned where your new water supply line or lateral is to be placed, let us know NOW.

Going to end here as February is a short month and this should be as well.

Happy Everything (Ground Hog, President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Marti Gras, Ash Wednesday)

Bob Maginnis
President, BLSMWC