In June there will be two openings on the Board of Directors, and you are encouraged to apply. There are few requirements, you must be a shareholder in good standing, and you must be interested in the future of the Water Company. The Board meets every other month and there is an additional meeting in June. If you are interested, refer to the front page of this publication.

The Board met in early March and covered several items. First and foremost, the Board welcomed our new attorney, Andrew Ramos. Andrew is in the Water and Real Estate field and came highly recommended. Our prior counsel, Michael Minkler assumed the position of General Manager of CCWD and we wish him well.

The Project has succumbed to the wishes of the weather and will continue as soon as the weather changes. As you know the project includes, among other things, an increase in Fire Suppression Hydrants. A resident, who was affected by the addition of hydrants, called his hazard/homeowners insurance agent and his annual payment was reduced.

The Long‐Range Planning Committee (LRPC) has recommended to the Board that staff create a loan program to assist those who are having their rear property access line moved out to the front of the property, into the utility right‐of‐way and maybe in need of some help. The program should be ready by May 2019.

Since we are the recipient of Federal Money, in this case the US Department of Agriculture we are required to obtain an audit that lists all our assets and liabilities. This is an expensive and lengthily process that demands hundreds of hours of research. These annual audits will be required through the end of the construction project.

Make a note on your calendar that the Annual Meeting date has been changed to Saturday June 8th, from the 1st and will be at 9:00AM.

Over the past several months the water Company has preached WINTERIZATION. Winter isn’t over quite yet and the attention to the severe cold is still in business.

We have fielded about 20 residences with ruptured pipes, which are all the homeowner’s responsibility. Simply stated: DON’T FORGET to WINTERIZE.

We also field calls on how to un‐freeze frozen pipes. One word: Carefully. If you are not sure how, give the company a call and we’ll give you some help. Be wary of those who suggest that you use a small blow‐torch or an automotive heat‐gun. Too much heat can do lasting damage and frequently cause sudden rupture.


  1. You can pay your water bill by credit card
  2. Check your system for any leaks. We do and we find some.
  3. If you have an issue give us a call. If needed, we will come to your home.

Please remember:

NextDoor doesn’t make house calls ….

If you see water running, please call us. If you aren’t sure where the water is coming from, call us.

Visit our website for the latest: BLSMWC.COM

AND……………do we have your email address? If you are unsure, its as simple as emailing to Carrissa would be happy to put your email on file!!

Spring is coming!!
Bob Maginnis
BLSMWC President