The DROUGHT is over. According to the Governor and his Executive Order all of the former restrictions have been set aside.


All of you, with a couple of exceptions, have contributed to a marvelous effort in saving water. Habits developed over the past 3-4 years should continue, as it will still be OK to save water.
Over the past year, I have referred to the matter of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Loan that amounts to 12.23M and is designed to replace and upgrade our entire system. We have just authored a formal Request for Proposal for the engineering part of the project and the RFPs have been sent out to firms that have a history and reputation of handling large such loan projects.

The overall impact of this loan is quite impressive, as it replaces all of the 1960-80 era small pipe lines; develops larger transmission lines for installation in the utility right of way, thus allowing for a larger number of Fire Suppression Hydrants; modernizes and up-dates the water treatment facility and, completes the installation of water meters’ system wide. The magnitude of this loan re-quires staff that has expertise in dealing with USDA projects. Our goal is to secure the most qualified available. The loan structure allows for the hiring of a qualified expert.

All of this will be discussed in length at our Annual Meeting, which will be held on Saturday, June 3rd at the Lodge at 8:30am.

Meters are a part of the overall plan and we have been installing them as work allows. Eventually the system will have one identi-fied meter unit device, thus insuring consistency. The present unit has the capability of recording water use and is able to notify the staff of any sudden, excessive flow. When prompted, an icon reflecting excessive use or a leak will appear on the computer screen that is monitored by our water masters. Were there to be a sudden line rupture in the water line from the meter to the dwelling, or within the dwelling’s piping complex the water masters would have that information readily available.

This sensitive reading element rises beyond the daily demands, which the meter routinely tracks. We will be reading meters for purposes of consumptive billing and this additional safeguard will give us faster detection in the event of a rupture.

On all of our main lines that enter/exit our holding tanks and wells, we have system wide monitoring called SCADA: Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition.

This software is designed to alert staff to any abnormal change in the water flow or use demand.

Again our intention is to apply this application to all meters. There is a possibility that this new program would allow iPhone type access to your meter.
I mention all of this to reinforce the importance of attending the Annual Meeting.
After all, this is your water company.

A couple other items of interest: We have purchased a number of tokens that operate the Car Wash in Arnold. These tokens are available to you the shareholder and you are encouraged to use the Car Wash as an alternative to using your own driveway. All you have to do is visit the Office.

Speaking of driveways. The long standing approved tool or weapon for cleaning your driveway remains….the broom, or for extreme cases…the rake.

Please refrain from using….the hose.

Remember: June 3rd…. 8:30am. Mark your calendar.

You won’t want to miss this one.
Robert Maginnis
Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Co.
Board President