After the recent rain and snow, the water watching experts have declared that even though we received a fruitful rainfall, the drought still exists. I have yet to hear anyone deny that the drought, or better, the effects of the drought have disappeared. The willingness to conserve and make better use of water continues because it is ok to do so.
The message: CONSERVATION remains in place.

The Project Process

The bidding process for the overall Project of bringing our system wide delivery service up to date will begin in a week or so and conclude in late May or early June. I mention this now, as initially you will see construction/contractors throughout Blue Lake Springs. BLSMWC staff will accompany the contractors as they survey the area where the work is to be done. This is part of the pre-bidding process. Once the bids are authored and answered, the returned bids will be rated and awarded. Contractors will be selected to perform the actual work. At the cur-rent pace, I would anticipate expecting the actual groundwork to start in mid/late June.

Be Vigilant

Construction projects can draw those that have nothing to do with the event. These can be drifters or unlicensed wannabes that pass themselves off as a member of a working crew.
If there is ANY doubt in your mind as to the authenticity of anyone who offers services or alleges to be attached to a working crew or asks for money or seeks any form of remuneration, I ask that you call the Calaveras County Sheriff and the BLSMWC … in that order.

Your Property

If you are wondering if your property is affected by the Project and are unsure for whatever reason as to what is happening, I would ask that you call BLS MWC@ (209) 795-7025 and ask. I can assure you that NOW is better than AFTER the work is done.

I Need to Say Thank You!!

Many of our customers have done an excellent job making better use of water. As more and more meters are in-stalled, the tracking of overall water use becomes more of an exact science. As you know BLSMWC is mandated by the State of California to account for ANY distribution of water so to those that CONSERVE, keep it up and treat yourself to a cookie.


The Annual Meeting is on June 2 at 8:30AM at Snowflake Lodge ….
Yes, I know it’s early.
Enjoy Spring which is going to commence at any moment ….

Bob Maginnis
BLSMWC Board President