Well, I think the snowfall has concluded and what a winter it was.

I am anxious to see what the water content of the winter snow produces. Am confident that our water supply sources will be as near as full as possible. I am also anxious to see if the conservation practices that most of our customers have practiced over the past five years will continue. A large part of me says they will. We are going to have to live with heavily wet winters and then limited supply over the coming years following that winter. The past has taught us that a multi‐year drought follows a heavy wet winter. The clear weather promotes good weather for construction and the crews are out working as we slowly move through the large project. There have been some “surprises”, but we are dealing with them as we concluded early on that these would occur.

Speaking of the Project, there is an excellent opportunity to hear from the project Contractor at the Annual Meeting, which is scheduled for June 8th, the second Saturday in June, at 9:00am.

Bring your questions …. We’ll bring your answers.

According to the Contractor, the Project is moving along well, aside from the halt that was dictated by the heavy snowfall. We are now into good digging weather.

As we get closer to next year, 2020 will bring a new billing process which will result in a bi‐monthly billing schedule. Rather than pay an annual bill, the billings will be structured with a Base Rate: common to all homeowners; and: a Use Rate common to all that use water, according to a tiered rate that reflects overall Consumption. Thus in 2020, your first bill will arrive in very early March, for the delivery and use for the preceding months of January and February. The next billing will occur in early May for the months of March and April and so on through the calendar year: July, September, November and January. Every meter will be electronically reviewed at the close of every billing period. All payments will be due on the 15th of the month following the two‐month billing cycle.

Every customer will have a variety of payment options: electronic payment tied to their credit card, or if their Bank has a Bill Pay option that is structured to auto‐pay using one’s checking account. The credit card or Bill Pay will be set to pay your bill on a calendar agreed date, after the actual billing and before any late fees that are set in place. You will receive a notice that your bill has been paid by your credit card/Bill Pay. Our plans are to exercise the maximum amount of electronic processing as possible.

If the Company were to use US Mail, the cost for 6 bi‐annual billings per year would total approximately $12,400.00. We hope to save a good part of that amount using the electronic option. I realize that not everyone has a computer but for these two options, you don’t need one. I also understand that some customers prefer using the US Mail as their venue and we will honor that option.

Earlier I mentioned the Annual Meeting. The date of the Meeting was changed to June 8th, from June 1st and will start at 9:00am. Everyone is encouraged to attend. After all we are Your Water Company. Leading up to the Annual Meeting is the election of Board Members. The number differs every year and this year the number is three.

There are two vacancies and one member Andy Rich that is up for re‐election. The vacancies occur as Jay Brethauer and Mark Woltering are leaving. I would like to take a moment and thank both Jay and Mark for their service and wish them the best in the future.

Once more, I want to thank those neighbors that have been impacted by the construction for their collective patience. We are all leaning that you can’t upgrade any system and not cause some inconvenience.

Enjoy the coming Spring. Hope to see you at the Annual Meeting: June 8th 9:00am…

Bob Maginnis