I continue to thank you for your conservation efforts, and this month is no exception. We are all users of water, thanks to those who conserve. We all need to be
smarter water users.

The bidding process is in place for the upcoming project. We are pleased with the caliber of contractors that answered the call for bids.
The clock is ticking, and the competed bids are due May 30th. Once the competing bids are opened, the winning bid will be awarded, assuming there are no surprises.
Since this is a USDA loan, we are required by Federal Law to accept the lowest bid PROVIDED the contractor qualifies, has the expertise and wherewithal, which initially it appears all do.

Again, a friendly reminder—–if you have any questions regarding the application of the project to your specific property, let us know NOW. If you are unsure call the Water Company at 209-795-7025.

We deferred the May 12th Board Mtg to the 26th, as we are busily putting some finishing touches on a multiyear plan.

If the Board has an opportunity to meet between the opening of the bids and the Annual Mtg, which is scheduled for Saturday June 2d we will do so. That Mtg will be held Telephonically and like all mtgs, arrangements are made for anyone who wishes to attend.

The Annual Mtg will start at 8:30AM and should conclude by 10:30-11:00.
We are prepared to cover the soon to be starting Project and all associated matters.

Bob Maginnis