While I thought the rain was finished, I forgot that it rains in May. More rain coming so enjoy the May wet weather. Speaking of water, everyone is reminded that it is still OK to CONSERVE water use. In the last few months, we have seen a noticeable up‐tick in the consumption of water. Conservation or better the careful use of water now will insure future capacity. Rainy seasons come and go but drought periods last for several years.

Save now ‐‐‐‐ use later.

I am sure you have noted that the construction activity has noticeably increased. The powder blue pipe and gravel you see in the neighborhoods is slowly disappearing as the installation into the utility right-of‐way continues.

BLSMWC’s Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, June 8th at 9:00AM, at Snowflake Lodge. This will be an excellent opportunity to speak with the Project Manager and the Superintendent of the work crews as to the coming progress and impacts that construction will have in your neighborhood.

Everyone working on or involved with the Project realizes that there will be some disruptions. While the contractor strives to minimize these, a project of this magnitude cannot be completed without a few.

The good news is that these inconveniences will go away and will not occur for another 80‐100 years!!
That number is calculated based upon the expected life of the pipe.

We are looking into an eBilling or electronic billing system. The system goal is two‐fold: to make it as easy as possible on the customer; and, to minimize our billing expenditures. Options to you the customer will include: selecting an auto‐pay system through your bank, staying with the conventional mail process, or paying with eBilling.

The hope is that the new Billing system will begin in early March of 2020. This will be the first of six bimonthly notices designed to reflect the customer’s use or consumption during each 60‐day period. The structure of the billing will include a Base Rate that by design will cover expenses associated with the operation of the Water Company and a Use Rate that charges the customer based upon a tiered schedule for consumption or use. Also incorporated into the future Base Rate will be an amount that will cover the cost of the USDA Loan that is currently funding the project, but for now we do not expect the Base Rate to increase to cover the loan.

The only perceived future Base Rate increase will be those established by the Board of Directors that will reflect the annual costs for the basic operation of the company, which is current practice.

Lots going on and you don’t want to miss the meeting on the 8th.

Bring your questions: We’ll bring answers!

Bob Maginnis