Thank you to those that attended the Annual Meeting of the BLSMWC on June 8th. Everyone got to hear the latest from the Project’s contract Construction Supervisor, Mark Franz, that discussed the progress of the installation of new piping and system improvements. According to Mark, from Mozingo, the overall project is about 35% complete and should be 100% finished by June 2020.

In addition to the piping and delivery improvements there will be 83 new Fire Hydrants. These new hydrants could not come at a better time. As the project crews work their way through each affected neighborhood, the hydrants will be added accordingly. The Fire Department is thrilled. Speaking of hydrants …. The next time you speak with your property insurance agent make a note to mention where you are to the nearest hydrant, if not asked. One of the current Board of Director members mentioned to his insurance company that a hydrant was added on his street and his premium was reduced.

Mark also mentioned that the staffing of the crews working reside in Calaveras County and a number near Arnold. They are thrilled to be working locally and it shows. The crews are laying 600‐900 feet of pipe a day and are working 6 days a week.

Tom Schneider, the Chair of the Long‐Range Planning Committee (LRPC) gave everyone an update on some of the Committee’s progress, specifically in the areas of creating the Reserve Accounts and future funding matters.

As you know by now, the Water Company is initiating a new billing system and will start on January
1, 2020. Every customer will be enrolled into a bi‐monthly billing, with the first bill arriving
in early March, for the charges accrued during January and February of 2020.

The following 2020 billing dates will be at the end of:

February, April, June, August, October , and December, for a total of six invoices.

If you are on a meter, your billing will include a base rate and a usage rate. If you are not on a meter, your 2020 annual bill will be divided into 6 equal bi‐monthly payments AND if you go on a meter, during 2020 any/all necessary adjustment(s) will be made.

The water company is exploring auto‐payment options that are available to the consumer: Bill Pay, from your Bank’s checking account, or auto pay, attached to your personal credit card.

Over the past three years, we have been asking for your email address. This will aid us in developing a master billing data base. If you haven’t given your email address to the water company, please endeavor to do so. If, for personal reasons you do not wish to share your email address, we will use the USPS. We have six more months to prepare and enact the billing process and the more prep work we can do up front, the better.

I am sure you have read about PG&E’s plan to shut off power in those areas where there presents an immediate or pending fire danger. They will base their decision on current weather conditions which includes, rapid changes in wind patterns, proposed ground temps and other criteria with the intent to shut off power to try and prevent a disaster. BLSMWC presently has an operating plan to secure a generator in order to cover any disruptions. Considering PG&E’s extended plans to cut power in or near any area that would contribute to a disaster, the water company is moving forward to purchase its own generator. In the past we had an on call contract with a generator provider, but life has changed.

The election results are in: Thanks to the few that voted, (very few)! Dan Crosby and Bill Cover were chosen to replace Jay Brethauer and Mark Woltering.

Thank you to both Jay and Mark for their time and commitment. Welcome to Dan and Bill. Andy Rich was re‐elected, congrats Andy.

The summer is upon all and the water company has two messages: Enjoy the beauty of nature, and conservation is still very “IN”!

Bob Maginnis
President, (again) ….