Happy Summer as it appears the season has come in with some


The Board of Directors met electronically on June 6th to approve the necessary resolutions to allow the large Capital Improvement Project to move forward. This is the last step in the application process, and the first step in moving the project forward into the actual construction phase.

As mentioned previously, the water company will endeavor to keep everyone informed and expects to publish the contractor’s calendar of work soon.

You are encouraged to submit your email address to the water company. We will use email addresses to ensure that you are aware of when the contractor is in your neighborhood, and as the Project develops. A secondary reason that we are continuing to ask for your email address is connected to a future billing platform that will include an On‐Line Payment System.

As the Project gets up and running, we will continue to publish work progress and status on NextDoor, on our website: blsmwc.com, and in our newsletter, The BUBBLER.

Call the BLSMWC Office @ 795‐7025 for any related questions.

Enjoy the summer. Remember CONSERVATION is still in vogue.

Bob Maginnis
BLSMWC President