As you can tell from the truck noise, mounds of white gravel, and related dust, the part of the project which is burying the long blue pipe is moving along at a rather rapid pace. The contractor is working six days a week in order to catch up with the time lost during this past winter. Once the undergrounding is completed, the connection to the homeowner’s property will be accomplished with the addition of the lateral, which connects the new source in the street to the meter box. The meter will then be added. Anytime thereafter, the homeowner can then connect to the residence (watch for correspondence from the office).

The Long‐Range Planning Committee (LRPC) has continued its plan to refine and then define the Base Rate that will be charged to all customers, starting on 1/1/2020. This base rate’s job is to cover all direct expenses of the water company. Everyone will be paying the same base rate, under the new bi‐monthly payment plan. As you know, in addition there will be a use rate, which will be tied solely to consumption. Simply stated: The more you use, the more you pay. This will, once and for all, negate the mantra: The part‐timers are supporting the full‐timers.

Everyone will be charged according to the results of their use as calculated by a meter read.

Finally, parity ….

The water company continues to reach out to the customer and is asking for those who are willing to share their email addresses. If you haven’t done so, please do so. The greater part of the customer base we can reach, the better.

Staff is pursuing electronic bill paying options and is ready to settle and engage one company that specializes in electronic systems. By engaging this service, your bill will be paid automatically. For those who wish a standard through the regular mail paper bill, you will be accommodated.

As we approach 1/1/2020, the entire listing of service charges will be reviewed. The Board at their last meeting, on July 13th agreed to reduce the combined lot fee but in so doing may have gone a bit too far, when voting to eliminate it altogether. There is a “rule” buried in law that speaks to billing for service that may not be used but is required to be present on all properties; and/or, required to be part of a business that includes shareholders. This matter will be placed on the August Agenda for review.

The question of the bare lot fee and a request for review has come up. The LRPC is looking at the bare lot fee and will have a recommendation very soon.

I am sure you have read about the plan that PG&E is going to put into place should there be a fire of size in the greater Arnold area. Their plan is, depending on the weather, wind conditions, humidity etc., to shutoff power to the Arnold area. We have been in the process of securing a portable generator to supply enough standby power should PG&E move forward with their plan. This piece of equipment will be stored at the Treatment Plant and hauled out as needed. The generator’s size was chosen to reflect the need of keeping our pumps functioning during a shut‐down. The Board approved the purchase at the July meeting.

A word about CONSERVATION. It is still OK to save water. The system wide use has increased about 15% in 2019, over 2018. Please remember that CONSERVATION is still the word. Continue to enjoy the summer, as we are creeping up on August already. Remember to be EXTRA safe using BBQs and fire pits.

Bob Maginnis