The good news!!! The long awaited, wondering if it will ever happen, Project, will start in the coming soon if all goes as scheduled.

Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Co. plans to utilize every method possible to get the word out to you as to when your neighborhood will be impacted. We are preparing a specific mailing to each neighborhood as the project starts moving.

PLEASE read the mailing!!

Over the past 2-3 years, BLSMWC has made a concerted effort to obtain your email address. The results are ok but our need for your email address still exists.
Additionally, we will be using Social Media sites and you will see our presence on Facebook, Constant Contact, and NextDoor.

A friendly reminder about NextDoor. When we post on NextDoor, our accessing procedure to the site is the same as yours: account name/password. When we ask for email addresses, as we do, NextDoor does not provide such. You must reach out to us.

There is yet another reason that we need your email address:

When the Project is completed, the billing process/structure will change. Our plans will include: Options of Auto-Pay; using your credit card; and, other online services. For this we need your electronic address.

We realize that not everyone has email and we’ll deal with that accordingly.

To access the latest and most up-to-date information, ONCE THE PROJECT BEGINS, we suggest that go to our website:

Once in place, you will see a box in the center of the page with the word PRO-JECT. Click on the word PROJECT. All current information will be posted on that link. Again, this link will be provided once the project begins.

At this point, I usually chat about CONSERVATION. This is still — IN.

Bob Maginnis