The Project is moving forward with encouraging results that vary from new pipe water pressure to the addition of Fire Hydrants. There appears to be some confusion as to where the project reaches and what area does it all cover or not. I would encourage anyone who is unsure if their property is or is not affected by the Project, to call the water company: 795‐7025; or, the next time you go to the Post Office walk next door to the water company offices. I can assure you that whatever question you may have will be answered. There are a number of area maps available that clearly show the Project scope and all include your neighborhood. has neither a phone number or detailed area maps.

A recent meeting that included Mozingo’s Project Manager on the our project revealed that the Project was 53% complete. As of this point, the majority of the new pipeline (light blue) has been installed. The Project is moving forward as scheduled.

IF you are wondering if a new Fire Hydrant is scheduled for your neighborhood, call the water company: 795‐7025; or, better yet the next time you visit the Post Office, visit the water company as we are right next door. Inside the office is a hydrant map.

A friendly reminder: IF one of the new hydrants is installed near or close to your property or is scheduled to be reach out to your Insurance Company. There may be a monetary benefit to this as well as piece of mind. Some companies put a value on hydrant proximity and may change their mind if they are looking for excuses to cancel your policy …which a number are.

We are still moving forward with implementing a new billing system, which will begin in 2020.

Billing will change from annual, to bi‐monthly and will reflect a fixed BASE RATE, which is designed to cover all operational expenses. It will include the interest payment from the USDA Loan. In addition, there will be a USE RATE or COSUMPTIVE RATE charge, based upon a meter reading that reflects your consumption of water during the billing period This covers our variable expenses. Once your meter is installed and activated, your billing will be adjusted.

IF you have any questions regarding the coming billing system, call 795‐7025.

In past newsletter’s I have requested that you send your email address to the Water Company: BLSMWC.COM Again I am doing so, as we are converting to electronic payment options and have chosen a provider that specializes in electronic billing and payments.

In closing, once more I encourage you to call or visit if you have any questions about the Project whether you feel it impacts you or not …. As we have the answers, and the maps !

CONSERVATION is still OK and we appreciate your continued commitment ….

Bob Maginnis
President, BLSMWC