Finally, “The” Project has begun, and you will be seeing Mozingo Const. workers in the subdivision as they prepare to move equipment and supplies in.

The Water Company is making every effort to let homeowners know in advance when the phase that affects their neighborhood will begin. We are on Facebook (BlsMwc), NextDoor, and have reached out to the customers through our email bank (again, IF we don’t have your email we need it) and we will be using snail mail as well. If you know of any homeowner that doesn’t know what’s going on, please encourage them to contact us. We know and understand that the best intended methods of out-reach can fail, and not everyone reads what is delivered in the mail.

There is a prominent spot on our website that provides up to date information about The Project. It’s easy to find and is “one click” activated.

At the Town Hall Meeting in November 2017, I mentioned that calling the Water Com-pany to obtain up to date and accurate information re: The Project would be preferable to cruising on Next Door. I will refer to some of the comments on Next Door like our failure to complete fixing potholes on a particular street in 2017.

The Water Company did not have a pot hole repair project as indicated but if you had called us, we could have given you the Calaveras County Agency responsible for Road Repair.

Questions and comments also found on NextDoor are:

“We were supposed to start this Project a year ago” … the answer is, that we couldn’t start until the funding was approved and the required bidding process was enacted.
“I haven’t received any information about this Project”. The answer is that we are using every means of communication we can find, including the same mailing process that forwards the annual billing.

However, I am sure we’ll miss someone. IF we have missed you, call (209)795-7025.

IF you have a comment or question on The Project and are looking for accurate answers and information on how this project will impact your property, please call (209)795-7025 and we’ll be happy to chat with you. Save Next Door for the Bears and Bear Claws …

That being said, we are already receiving questions, and some are following a common theme. Those frequently asked questions (FAQs) will be on the Blue Lake Springs Mu-tual Water Company’s website and the answers posted.

Our office is located at 1011 Blagen Road, right next to the Arnold Post Office. Feel free to stop in. All questions are welcomed.

Reminder: Check our website for the contractor’s schedule. We will also be updating our Facebook page BlsMwc often.

Remember: / 209-795-7025 / 1011 Blagen Road

Bob Maginnis
President, Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company