First and foremost, Happy New Year and welcome to 2019.

The Board of Directors met January 5th and welcomed one new member, Mark Woltering. There was a fair amount of discussion over the Project, which has been in full swing for the past few months. At the moment the weather is the guiding force of the contractor’s schedule. There has been little disruption as the process of installing new and larger pipe lines continues. Occasionally there is and will be some street/traffic flow disruption and if there is a way of laying pipe in the roadway without road closures, we will employ them.

Some homeowners called to our attention that they have noticed new fire hydrants on their respective streets. Several hydrants will be added as the Project progresses (Let your Hazard Insurance Co know that a new hi‐flow hydrant has been put in your neighborhood. Insurance Companies are looking for ways to walk away….).

As the Project moves forward, we may discover something that would benefit our overall system design but was not included in the original bid. A number of items have arisen, and we are in the process of prioritizing them. Occasionally, we run across a section of pipe, or large valve, or something we didn’t know about, that is no where to be found in any record and its presence causes us an issue. The USDA Loan contains a provision that we included which allows a financial set‐aside for these kinds of “surprises”. As mentioned earlier, we are prioritizing these surprises. Thus far we are very pleased with the contractor’s work and overall effort.

Here are a couple of things the Water Company could use from you:

1. To ensure we have your correct
phone number.
2. To ensure we have your correct
billing address.
3. Send us your EMAIL ADDRESS!!!!

Occasionally, we hear: “No one told me about this Project.” We are open to any means you have of contacting you and would love to do so.

REMEMBER: You can pay your Water Bill with a credit card. Why not …? Get some Air‐Miles …. Go visit kids, take a vacation, see somebody.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, or are just curious on the status of the Project, give us a call: 209‐795‐7025 and visit the website:


We are getting into the cold months and your pipes love ICE. If you are away from your residence for more than a few days drain the system.
Shut off the water supply to the home.

Bob Maginnis
President, BLSMWC