As you know the construction phase of our upgrade project is off and running.

The Mozingo Construction Company has a crew at work and part of one neighborhood is all but done. The crew members are local Calaveras County residents and welcome a project close to home. Mozingo is also utilizing local subs as well.

A prudent piece of the project is the placement of hydrants in the neighborhoods, which are more than a necessity. Hazard Insurance Companies have cancelled coverage on some dwellings in BLS due to great distance or absence of hydrants. There will be some disruption to traffic flow because you can’t complete a project of this magnitude and not impact vehicle traffic. We thank you for your patience.

The Board, at its November 2018 meeting approved the 2019 Annual Budget, with an increase in rates of 3% effective January 1, 2019. This reflects local inflation and the overall increase in costs for service.

The Board acknowledged Lee Bateman for his Board service. We all wish Lee continued success as he has resigned his position. In his place, the Board appointed Mark Woltering to fill the open vacancy until the Annual Election in June 2019. After the Board Meeting the Board and Staff held a Town Hall meeting which was attended by over 100 residents. The purpose of the Meeting was to discuss the progress of the project and give residents a chance to meet and ask questions of a senior staffer from Mozingo Construction. In 2017, the Water Company held the initial Town Hall meeting and mentioned that the staff would return in 2018 for an update. We followed through and so did you! Thank you for taking the time to attend. I was impressed with the knowledge of the shareholders as to the understanding and depth of the project.

You will continue to see light blue pipe and a lot of gravel/rock along the roadways. All of these products are going into the utility‐right‐of‐way where the large 6” mains are being installed. This size is necessary for the application of, and proper use of hydrants. The project will move along and will only be deterred by snow. The schedule calls for completion in early 2020 and at the present rate, I am sure that target will be hit.

Several homeowners are subject to the transfer of their residential supply line from the rear of their property out to the front, as the new line will be attached to a lateral that is directly connected to the large supply pipe. Also attached will be a new meter and the Water Company is going to supply everyone with a valve that regulates the water pressure into the residence.

Again, everyone is encouraged to contact the Water Company if you have any questions at all regarding your residence.

Now is the time to ask …

We are forever asking for your email address and if you haven’t passed it on, please do so. Several questions came forth at the Town Hall in regard to the future billing system and how will it change. We are in a process that the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) has been working on to refine and deliver a billing structure based on two specific areas:

  1. Base Rate that by design covers the overall cost of the Company’s operations
  2. Consumptive or Use Rate that measures the use of water and charges accordingly.

LRPC has been tracking water use by full‐time and part‐time residents over the past 2‐3 years and will continue during 2019, in order to define base line usage. The goal is to come up with a fair and equable system and that is exactly what we are going to do.

Holidays are approaching, and I wish all the Season’s Best.

Bob Maginnis
BLSMWC President
P.S. Please WINTERIZE !!!