Winter is coming, and even though the weather is still so nice it is time to think: WINTERIZING !! Please take a moment and think of what you can do to WINTERIZE your home. The Water Company is in the final stages of improving the water delivery system with new piping, fire hydrants and meters. We are doing this project to complete our plan of modernizing the system. This will all be for naught if you forget to protect your home or cabin. Remember the last thing you want to see in your home, when you arrive for a stay, are the dog’s toys floating on the living room rug. WINTERIZE !!

Speaking of the Project, it is now 75% complete, according to the Contractor. Little is noticeable except the 55 new Hydrants, for which the Fire Department is thrilled and so are we. These 55 are in addition to those already in place.

The meter install program is also moving along and about 80% of all required meters have been installed. As you know the State has required meters in all residential structures by 2025. With the addition of the new meters more and more residents are moving forward and having a licensed plumber complete the connection.

The new Billing Process is up and running. You can access click on: PAY MY BILL and follow the instructions to create an on‐line billing option that will offer autopay from your checking account or on‐line payment that will be generated by your identified credit card. As mentioned in prior Bubblers, the new payment system is structured on a two‐month billing cycle and can be paid electronically. The inaugural two‐month bills were just mailed and cover September and October. They went out a bit later than anticipated and are due on NOVEMBER 25th. Additional billings will occur in at the end of February, April, June, August, October, December …. Then the billing cycle repeats.

On the billing you will note a Base Rate Charge and included is your share of the Loan Interest on the 12.3M USDA Loan. In addition, there will be a consumption or use charge, if you exceed the basic allotment of 700cf for the two month period.

I would like to acknowledge and thank the Long‐Range Planning Committee (LRPC) for their tireless effort in planning and building the rate structure. The new combined rate is nearly identical to the annual rates you were paying. There will be a rate increase for 2020 that will amount to 1.00/month.

Yes …. One dollar a month.

If you have any questions about your billing or its process, call the Water Company: 795‐7025. Staff understands that any new process/product may raise questions.

We have answers …. call.

Finally, I re‐thank all of you for your patience during the disruptive part of the project. One cannot install pipe in the roadway without some inconvenience.

Enjoy the Holidays
Bob Maginnis
Board President, BLSMWC