Welcome to the cold of winter and the season of giving. We have gotten snow, which is pretty to look at, but you must be diligent where your water supply is concerned. If you are not full time or you are away from the home for more than 2‐3 days, WINTERIZE. Save yourself a NextDoor search for a specialist that works on removing soggy rugs, repairing water‐soaked floors or replacing busted pipes by simply WINTERIZING.

Turn off the water supply to the home, drain the interior pipes, drain your hoses and put them inside and drain the faucets. Flush toilets drain the holding tanks and for extra protection place some additional ½/½ water/antifreeze where water gathers and in the sink drains, as water collects in the drain elbow. Everyone has three opinions about the use of diluted antifreeze. I would offer that it is cheap insurance and is great for peace of mind. As the Winter passes and it will, and Spring comes in, there will be a few homes that suffer from water damage and leaks if you take the time to WINTERIZE properly. You may also find WINTERIZING tips on our website: www.blsmwc.com. If you are not sure on how to turn‐off your home water supply, please give the Water Company a call and we will have a Watermaster show you.

The Project Construction continues, and adverse weather will at times get in its way.
Again, if you are unsure what impact the project is going to have on your property,
Call the Water Company. Don’t wait….

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Members of the Board for volunteering their time and their commitment for being involved. There is more to a Board position than a meeting every other month.

Thanks to the Company staff who work hard and are consistently available to help our customers…

And a final thanks to all of our customers for continuing to CONSERVE.

Enjoy the Holiday
Bob Maginnis, P
BLSMWC Board President