The atmospheric river is on the path to supply our well inventory. The heavy rains and wet snow are combined contributors that we haven’t seen in at least 6 years.

Over the past number of years, we have developed some conservation standards and practices that do well going forward. The Water Company enjoys bragging about the continued decline in the amount of water that you the customer are consuming, and the Water Company would like to continue to do so.

Starting in the latter part of the year, the company begins preaching about the importance of


Winterizing is an art form that has some common denominators:

  1. Drain the pipes if you are gone, away for any reason over two days. The number 1 reason
    that homes are damaged is the
    internal pipe(s) freeze and split open, then thaw …. Nothing good happens after that
  2. Drain the exterior faucets, as we forget about them
  3. If you are absent for an extended period, as in more than 6‐7 days, you may choose to drain the hot water heater if the unit is in an unprotected area or cabinet of its own. If you choose to do so, remember to turn the GAS/AND OR BREAKER OFF.
  4. Drain and store hoses
  5. Flush toilets and put 50/50 antifreeze/water into the holding tank/bowl (real cheap insurance)
  6. Put a little antifreeze into sink drains, as water sits there and will freeze
  7. Any exterior water system should be completely drained

Won’t take long to do all this and you just might save yourself some headache and damage.
Thanks for WINTERIZING and saving all of us some heartache.

Now….enjoy the snow, it’s beauty and what it provides ….

Bob Maginnis
Board President
Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company