Happy New Year!!!!

As 2020 is upon us, the Project is about 75% complete. Further work has scaled back due to the weather, which was expected. Speaking of weather…. Yes; there was a lot of snow and hence water supply from the 2019 winter months and it looks like there is more coming.

Just wanted to remind all that CONSERVATION is still considered an OK thing to do. All are encouraged to keep the CONSERVATION movement alive.

The Project is on track to complete this year and we are in the throws of completing meter installs and the application of new piping. There will be a sizable number of new fire hydrants, all designed to provide maximum capacity when called upon.

Once the project buildout is completed, every property owner will enjoy an upgraded system that will last decades into the future.

Special kudos and a pat on the back to the Long Range Planning Committee [LRPC] for the construction of a base rate that includes the property owner’s responsibility for the USDA loan payback. Overall rates increased about $1.00 a month. Not a bad deal for a new system!

By now, every homeowner should have received a copy of the new water bill. PLEASE read the document…it is full of info. The office has received a throng of calls concerning the billing format. The vast majority of the questions asked are covered in the billing document. In the quiet of the moment give the bill a thorough reading and if you are still conflicted give the office a call.

Remember that you will now be receiving a billing for Bi‐Monthly activity and the first of the coming billings will be delivered at the end of February 2020. Everyone realizes that this billing system is new and different; but we’ll get through it.

A comment on WINTERIZING …. Both a noun and a verb, it is important. Enjoy the continuing winter and remember to check our website: www.blsmwc.com

Thanking you for your continued efforts at CONSERVATION.

Bob Maginnis
President, BLSMWC