A couple of months ago, I mentioned I had read about the coming of La Nina, which is the opposite of El Nino and often portends a dry winter.

I am still looking for the author that felt that La Nina was coming.

I haven’t found them yet ….

We have experienced an incredible amount of rain and snow which will contribute to our well’s future supply. We are already seeing an increase of water in the wells.

While it is nearly impossible to measure the total amount of water in the wells, we can gauge the amount of water that enters the well AFTER the well has been pumping.

Picture a pipe or very long vertical tube that extends 300’ feet below the surface. Toward the bottom of the tube is an electric pump that forces the water from the bowels of the well, upward into our piping system that is connected to the Water Treatment Plant. Standard operating procedure is to inspect the well’s ‘recovery’ or the depth of water that accumulates over the top of the pump again after pumping and that space is measured in feet. The higher the recovery point, the stronger the well and a high probability of an extended inventory. This winter the wells have been recovering nicely as a portion of the water from rain/snow has worked its way into the well areas.

Good news ?— you bet.

Then the drought must be over …. ?

Not really.

The Governor of the State declares a drought and I am sure at the right moment, he will declare the drought has ended. Until the Governor’s order to rescind the drought, the rules set by the Governor’s Office still apply and those rules specific to Water Companies are still in place.

We will have an adequate water supply during the warmest phase of Summer thanks to your conservation efforts. The State Department of Water Resources {DWR} is requiring all water companies to demonstrate that each water company has enough water for the coming three years, currently on hand.

Meanwhile it is OK to continue to CONSERVE.

We are in the closing stages of accepting the United States Department of Agriculture [USDA] 12.23M Loan for the completion of metering the system, continuing the replacement of old piping, expanding the system’s fire suppression hydrants and replacing aging equipment at the Water Treatment Plant. Immediately following the regular Board of Director’s Meeting on April 8 th , we will be holding a Special Meeting to present the USDA Loan to the shareholders. I would encourage you to attend. I can promise you will find it interesting.

The Board recently heard from a realtor handing the marketing of the Water Company’s facility that was occupied by a bank and is currently vacant. The space is being advertised to all banks, credit unions and lending institutions throughout Calaveras and adjoining counties. Were an interested suitor to apply, it would be a move in opportunity. We are interested in renting and the community of Arnold seems to need a second bank.

On a lighter note we will be re-working our website: blsmwc.com to make it more user friendly. Today’s technology is much better than what was available 5 years ago, and we are going to give it a ‘tune-up.’ Should there be anything you are interested in, please let us know.

A suggestion was made that the water company join forces with a local car wash. The idea is for the water company to purchase tokens in bulk, at a discount, and then pass on the savings to our Shareholders. We are currently working with the car wash owner and will have a program implemented soon. The idea is to use the car wash, water and save yours. At present with the continuing rainy season, the car wash can wait a while.

Again, a reminder of the Special Meeting on April 8 , at Snow Flake Lodge following our regular Board Meeting. I can promise this is one you will want to attend.

Bob Maginnis