First and foremost, please ensure that you are taking reasonable precautions to not be a statistic of COVID-19. Washing your hands is a great use of our water!!

The Board met March 14th and discussed many interesting items;

– The “Project” we have all been living with is 85% complete. The answer to the questions: (1) When is my property going to receive a meter, (2) When is our area going to be completed, are best answered by calling the water company office at (209)795-7025, or by emailing Carrissa at There are better answers available than what can be found on NextDoor.

– The new billing format has been launched and by now you have received the first of six annual bi-monthly payment requests. The new invoice generated a great deal of interest and a highly unusual number of calls as to the bill’s purpose. At last count, within three days of the initial billing, the office staff received about 225 calls regarding the new billing document. The vast majority of the questions were answered by simply READING the invoice. Every endeavor has been made to simplify the process and we will continue to refine it. The invoice includes:

• The Base Rate, or your share of operational company costs

• Your share of the USDA Loan interest and,

• A charge for water use based upon your bi-monthly metered consumption.

Your Board has been working on bringing the company’s Bylaws up-to-date by reflecting all recent changes in state laws and by more accurately addressing the needs and functions of the company and the Board. This is long overdue. As these changes will need to be voted on by you, every shareholder will be receiving a revised and updated copy in the mail. The Board of Directors encourages an affirmative response (Yes Vote).

June is election month and if you’re of a mind to run for the Board, you are encouraged to do so. The Call for Candidates has gone out, please look for that in your mail.

The winter we have been waiting for seems to have arrived, kind of late but here. This is nature’s reminder that all need to winterize. This noun and verb are easy to apply and costs almost nothing. If you ignore nature’s warning or choose not to do so, be prepared to pay nature’s price. Information on winterizing can be found on our website:

Earlier the project was discussed. The weather now dictates if and when any work is to be done. The water company is using every modem available to get the word out as to where and when the work will be done. If you feel you are out of touch, or have an expectation that you will be contacted and have not been, call the water company.

Finally, I want to re-thank all for their continued patience as the project continues. If all goes according to plan, the majority of all work will be done by this fall.

Be ARNOLD STRONG! Don’t give COVID-19 a chance!

Bob Maginnis
Board President