We have had some snow and rain and it all contributes. How much? Too early to tell as the snow has yet to melt and there is more rain and snow coming. I know the drought is not over and I wish the media would stop telling me so…but the media has to talk about something.

A good place for water information is: The California Department of Water Resources: www.water.ca.gov. In a very recent article, the State is saying that the rain/snow fall is 130% of normal [?] and that leads to an improved water supply inventory. [Who can recall where NORMAL was?] I would encourage you to go to the State website and read about the drought and the ‘thus far’ winter impacts.

The conservation program and declared drought level “Stage 2” is still in place. All of us have been using less water compared to the overall use in 2013 and I would ask all to continue to do so. In fact, I would offer that after the current drought is compromised, and before another drought is declared, water users in general will continue to use less water than before 2013.

We are continuing to recruit and organize a working group of full-time and part-time users for an experiment. As we move into completing our system with water meters, we need to establish “use thresholds” or how many gallons a month does a normal house hold use? This is a standard method that water companies use to bill for use/consumption. We hope, using a control group, to establish that use level.

We are still looking for volunteers for this study. If you want to be a part of the study let us know. All one needs to do is contact the BLS Water Company office at 209-795-7025. Being involved is real easy. All you do is:

Sign up with the company Record when you are at your home and how many people are present, for the duration of the stay.

Email that info to www.blsmwc.com and we do the tabulating.

Winterizing Reminder – Another mid-winter reminder about Winterizing. This is both a noun and a verb. Please treat it as a verb and winterize your home. A number of folks haven’t and are paying a price.

This is a very simple, low labor intensive, and near non-cost driven process:

Turn Off the water to the house, if you are away more than 24 hours Drain the interior pipes

Flush the toilets and put in some 50/50 water/antifreeze in the bowl and holding tank. Also put a small shot in each drain. This is REAL CHEAP insurance. Plus it works.

Take care in the winter and enjoy the rest of the year.

Reminder: The Board of Directors meets every month on the second Saturday at 9:00AM in the Snow

Flake Lodge. You are always welcome.

Bob Maginnis