Since the inception of the Bubbler (by the way … do you know what a Bubbler is or was? You can find the answer at the end of my report!) I have mentioned the word CONSERVATION or CONSERVE several times, in fact perhaps too many times.

CONSERVE comes from the Latin language, which I studied in High School, it means to SAVE. CONSERVE is both a noun and an action verb, and the real meaning of the word is: protect (something, especially an environmentally or culturally important place or thing) from harm or destruction.

The State of California has declared that we are in a drought. I am pleased that the State has recognized the severity of the mat‐
ter, as too often the regulatory function waits until it is too late. The question is, what can you and I do about it?

Assuming for a moment that we are creatures of habit and we let the tap water flow while we are brushing our teeth, imagine for a moment the amount of water that goes down the drain and has served no useful purpose. Add to this the frequency of use, and the number of people. I would offer that in a small way that is a loss of a lot of water. This sounds trite but think about it. We can change the way we do business. There are several other ways to save OR make better use of water. A great resource is:‐ways‐to‐conserve/

There was a rumor running about that said: IF you let your garden hose run continuously at the base of a tree, the tree will survive the Bark Beatle infestation. Checking with U.C. Davis and their experts in forest trees, they say that is a myth.

Go out into the forest and note how many trees are being watered in this fashion. Nature takes care of the water delivery and if trees die from lack of water, nature says that is its way of taking care of the forest thus insuring new growth. Let nature take care of the trees, as it has for centuries.

Over the next few months as we get closer to the “warm/hot” season please save as much water as possible by using common sense. The more we save now the greater the supply will be available in the hotter summer months.

Thank you in advance. Take pride in being a WATER SAVER and not a WATER WASTER!!

Robert JP Maginnis
BLSMWC Board President (until June)

PS: Bubblers were public continuous flow standing water fountains that were popular in the Mid‐West and East.