Every month for the past couple of years, I have mentioned the importance of WATER CONSERVATION. We have all made an admirable effort and the savings has showed. Even though we have had substantial amounts of rain/snow the focus on that effort must continue. We have all developed ways to conserve and save. Let’s all continue as saving water is still a good thing!

Do not be duped by our recent precipitation. One of the unintended consequences of a lot of rain and snow is our consumption rate increases….because we are reacting to the “plethora” of water. CONSERVATION is still OK and a MUST! COMPANY BUSINESS OFFICE The Board in February formed a search committee to look at places for sale or rent in the Arnold business area, as the building that houses the water company office, at this time, is up for sale and our lease ends in June 2016. We are actively looking at alternatives.

Also under consideration is leasing a business modular to place on our Blue Lakes Springs property.   WATER METERS The “60‐Survey”is off and running. This is the group of 60 volunteers that report on a monthly basis to BLSMWC on how often their home is occupied. The water company, with the newer meter technology, reads the 60 meters. This meter reading process requires minimum effort, as the readings are read electronically.  Again our goal is to develop a track of an overall use pattern that will allow BLSMWC to build and develop; and verify a more accurate consumption schedule for purposes of charging for water delivery. This goes hand in hand with the on‐going meter install program.

Last summer, for example for every real estate transaction, where there is a change of ownership, a meter is installed. As I have mentioned before, while meters are now required by State Law, the path to the meter program must be well planned.

WELL # 4 The new well coming on line, our Well #4, is in the final State required testing process. We are planning to have the well in the mix very soon. This is one of two previously tested spots where water was discovered. As you recall there were about another dozen or so that were a complete bust. This translates to either water was discovered and the flow was insufficient for further exploration; or, after extended drilling, no water was found. The well is a long time coming, as part of its path to success included a legal challenge that halted the progress of the project.

Our best estimate is that this new well will add 20‐30% to the over all well production, or 50‐75gpm. Since we partnered with CCWD, the demands on our wells have dropped dramatically but the wells still charge ½ of our overall sys‐ tem. I have been asked what the overall cost of the newer well project was….as someone heard it was in excess of $1M. The cost, including the legal fees that were paid for legal arbitration, was $341,438. The overall cost to every BLS shareholder for the well development was about $236.00 $168.61. Since this well is on a long term lease, there will be additional costs over the life of the well. The life expectancy of the well is 30‐35 years, which will include very minor costs for maintenance. Wells 5 and 6 are still in the development mix located on property owned by the water company. We learned that you have to go where the water is to be found.


In June there will be two vacant positions on the Board of Directors. Two current members have decided not to seek reelection. This provides an opportunity for any current  shareholder to run for the open spots. This is a your chance to work with the water company. If you are interested or think you might be, let us know. Remember to keep up the CONSERVATION effort AND continue to WINTERIZE, as spring, though coming, isn’t here quite yet.

Robert Maginnis