Over the past few months, I have indicated that the Project is coming to a close. Now all is finally complete. Mozingo has packed up their equipment and moved onto another job site. As the Project’s Contractor, they did an incredible job, and the Water Company is very pleased with their performance and delivery of service. The Project result is one that will be strong for many years to come, and a system that, while often taken for granted, the BLS Homeowner can be most proud of.

Congrats to the BLSMWC staff, for their attention to detail which served to enhance a number of changes in the system. Applause to the members of the Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) for their diligence and focus to contract details and the oversight of the extensive engineering aspects of the project. Considering the totality of this project, a great job was done by all.

I often read on Nextdoor the challenges some homeowners have in securing protection and hazard insurance. The Project added dozens of new fire hydrants, 86 I believe, throughout the BLS neighborhoods. This bodes well for firefighting and insurance carriers often rate the proximity of them to a residence. I urge you to check with your carrier I would be remiss, if I did not again thank and acknowledge the patience of you, our customers. We knew there would be disruptions. Simply stated you cannot replace or install miles of 6” water pipe and not dig up the roadway. Our Water Company staff working together with the contractor made exceptional efforts, all of which started in June 2017. I want to acknowledge their commitment.

We now enter 2021 with a completed project and strong system infrastructure. This was 12.4 million well spent!

The Budget for 2021 was recently passed by the Board and it includes a rate increase of about 1.15/month …. Please look for rate information in your December bill.

In order to enjoy the fruits of the newly completed system, please remember to WINTERIZE !!!!

There is nothing is worse than the punch-in-the-gut feeling when you enter the home and see dog toys floating on the living room carpet. WINTERIZING is easy.

CONSERVATION: Remember that?? Everyone has an opinion on conserving water or not conserving water. Simply put, no matter how much water is available, it is still OK to CONSERVE. Water is a valuable resource and is exceedingly difficult to replace. Save now—-Use later. Looks like we are in for a dry Winter …. PLEASE CONSERVE.

Best of the Holidays to all. Even with dealing with “The BUG” there are many things to be thankful for.

Bob Maginnis
BLSMWC Board President