Now THAT was a snowstorm. I hope everyone got through it ok. The Water Company’s generators insured that water was deliverable and we were able to keep our office emergency lines open (intermittently) to serve any customer needs.

I have a couple of words for the month:


Winterizing is a fancy word for turning your water supply to your residence OFF when you are gone more than 24 hours and draining the access pipes. Resting water in the pipes will FREEZE and EXPAND causing the pipe to split and then leak. There is nothing more heart‐breaking than opening the cabin to find your dogs toys frozen to the living room rug.

Remember, that any pipe related rupture on the homeowner side of the meter is the responsibility of the homeowner.

WINTERIZING is the cheapest and easiest type of protection against broken or leaky pipes.

If you are new to Blue Lake Springs and are unsure of WINTERIZING feel free to go to our website: for more details.

The recent completion of the infrastructure improvement saw the major supply pipes buried deep in the utility rights‐of‐way, ensuring that they survived the massive number of falling trees and utility poles. Currently we have found no storm damage to our properties or equipment.

There is already a protocol in place, if there were any disruption to our water supply to secure water from CCWD.


While I feel it is a wee bit early to declare “drought‐disaster”, we do subscribe to CONSERVATION!! The population of residents has increased in BLS driven by home sales, property change overs and working from home opportunities. So far, the consumption of water has not increased dramatically for this year.

With that being said, CONSERVATION is still IN!

Enjoy the rest of the Winter, snow and all …

Bob Maginnis
Board President, BLSMWC