First and foremost: Happy New Year!!

2021 will be a better year, if we give it a chance.

If you are wondering where are Mozingo’s heavy trucks and construction equipment, they left in late December. The 12.2M dollar system improvement project is complete and, in a few days the remaining paperwork will be signed with the US Department of Agriculture.

Wanna take a moment and give a shout‐out to USDA, as they were easy and very professional to work with. As I have said before another shout‐out to our customers for their patience during the three‐year project. Rest assured that there won’t be another redo like this one for another 50‐120 years! A third shout‐out to the Water Company staff for their perseverance and commitment to insure all ran well.

Included in our revamping of the system was the installation of a Pressure Regulating Valve [PRV] that the Water Company provided to local plumbers and/or homeowners that were installing a water meter. I mention this as the Water Company receives calls regarding the lack of water pressure inside the home. The resolution maybe as simple as adjusting the PRV (which is the homeowner responsibility).

While we are all enjoying the rain and snow free weather, please remember that it is still OK to CONSERVE. Overall water demand has increased, the user population has increased and our water sources are handling the demand. Should the winter, wherever it is, fail to deliver a sufficient amount of nature’s water supply, we will be headed back into a drought scenario. Working together; we can impact the water supply and save …. We all learned that focusing on the way we use water, that simple conservation works.

As the year progresses, you will be receiving a notice from the Water Company that there will be two openings on the Board of Directors and the annual election will be held. Please VOTE.

Finally, I wish all continued good health. Do the right things: Wear a mask, honor the social distancing rule and keep gatherings small. We all want 2021 to be a better year and it can be if we work on it.

Bob Maginnis
BLSMWC Board of Directors