Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2022 – I hope it will be a good year for everyone!

We ended 2021 with several storms bringing an extraordinary amount of snow to the Arnold area.

I want to acknowledge the hard-working crew (Billy, Vince, and Tyler) at the water company who kept the water flowing during and after these snowstorms even though there was no electricity and Blue Lake Springs (BLS) received up to 6 feet of snow. This is accomplished through careful planning and preparation. First, they ensure that the tanks are full of water prior to the start of the storm. Then, the crew stays ahead of the storm by working around the clock constantly plowing access roads to the tanks, pump station, and treatment plant so that they can always reach these facilities if and when needed. They use a trailermounted generator that can be connected to run the booster pump station to distribute water to the tanks as needed. The treatment plant has its own generator so that the treatment plant can operate even if BLS does not have power. When there is a storm, the crew will often work 24-48 hours straight or until the next person comes on duty. Often the person who is not on duty will still come in to help out the person who is on duty during the storms. It is definitely a team effort that keeps the water flowing! So, when you see the guys out in the development checking for leaks, doing maintenance work, please say hello and thank them for keeping the water flowing.

It’s so easy to take the water that comes through our pipes for granted.

In other news, the Board of Directors met in December and January. The 2022 budget was approved and will be sent out to shareholders very soon along with the Treasurer’s Letter. Now that all cabins are metered, it will be easier to fairly evaluate water usage over the next several months which will help us further evaluate the rate structure. The Board voted to increase the improved property base rate by 2.77%; decrease the unimproved property base rate by -1.72%; keep the water allotment the same (350cf/per month); and the metered rate, above the allotment, was slightly increased from $1.60ccf to $1.75ccf.

In the Spring, there will be an election for three positions on the Board of Directors. Look for a mailing in the next month or so regarding nominations for candidates.

Please continue your conservation efforts. They are helping to preserve our water supply.

Lastly, I wish everyone good health and to stay safe. Please wear masks as needed to keep yourself and other safe, as well as follow other Covid protocols. I know it’s tiring…but I think it’s the right thing to do to  protect those that can’t get vaccinated.

Sharon Tobias
BLSMWC Board of Directors