Your conservation continues to impress. The results of this effort will allow our supply to last longer. Conserve now – have some later!

There are a couple of interesting developments from the June 2015 Board of Director’s Meeting. The Board listened to a number of local painting contractors, who had petitioned the Board to reconsider outside watering. The Board agreed to modify the restriction to outside watering for the use of pressure washers for houses and decks. Painting contractors agreed to secure a permit from the water company, which will allow the application of power washing equipment in preparation of painting or staining. The painters are using newer pressure washing units that are designed to deploy a maximum effort with a lower water use. The conditional permits are issued at no cost to the user.

The Board accepted a recommendation from the General Manager as to the permitting, as the amount of water that would be used in painting or deck conditioning, amounts to less than 1/5th of 1% of all usage. This is based upon an average of 30 residences painted yearly, or 1.7% of all BLS homes. The same allowance was applied to those who contract/use power washers on deck refurbishing (we simply ask that the homeowner secure a water company use permit). Again, there is no charge involved.

We are in the process of testing our well water sources to determine the “age” of the water. This endeavor is being handled by Lawrence Livermore Lab at no expense to the water company. We will be very interested in the results.

The Board agreed to move forward on the final stages of the construction of a new well. We had temporarily set aside well development as we were (and still are) in negotiations with CCWD, with regard to water purchasing.  A number of workable offers and counter-offers have been made and the process moves on. I remain optimistic that we’ll come to agreeable terms for a water purchasing agreement. This is another step in a long process to bring a well on-line. This well, number 4, will add about 15% total capacity to our overall daily water supply. As pointed out before, our search for additional water supply has been frustrating at best. We continue to hold the theory that with your conservation efforts and this additional well, we will be in a solid position as the year moves forward.

Better or different water uses are still news. If you have an idea or practice in the use of water, share it with us and we’ll provide it to the other homeowners. In cases such as a drought, lots of new ideas are born.

The staff is in the process of preparing an additional conservation stage or Stage 4 if the water supply starts to diminish or suddenly drop. I would rather get in front of an impending water shortage than react to it. As this new Stage 4 is developed, you will be notified. For this reason and others, we are continuing to pursue a water purchase agreement with CCWD.

Finally, we are all in this together. Continue to conserve and remind others to do so. I know the local population jumps forward in the summer months and this will be a good test of our conservation efforts.

I know we’ll prevail. SAVE now… USE Later.

Bob Maginnis
President of the Board