The BLSMWC Board held its first hybrid Board meeting with Board members and employees meeting in person and via Zoom. It was great to finally meet in person afer 14 months of Zoom meetings.

As you know, Dave Hicks, our General Manager for many years and 34‐year employee of the BLSMWC, retired in June. Dave calmly and professionally directed the water company through its challenging times while we searched for water sources and completed a 4‐year engineering and construction project to improve the water distribution system infrastructure. I want to thank him for all his time managing the water company and wish him the best for his well‐earned retirement.

I also want to thank Bob Maginnis for serving on the Board of Directors for 13 years and for being President and leading the Board successfully through the challenging times. Bob has volunteered to serve on the LRPC so we will be still have access to his experience and knowledge!

We have two new Board members: Jon Dashner and Bruce UƩer. Thank you to both Jon and Bruce for volunteering to serve. Also thank you to Craig Lutz for running, and who hopefully will be interested in lending a hand throughout the coming year.

Drought. As you know, the State of California is in a drought. The snowmelt resulted in the parched ground absorbing the much‐needed snowmelt instead of running into our rivers and replenishing surface water. It’s going to be a hot summer and it is imperative that we conserve our future water supply.

At our recent board meeting, the LRPC reported that approximately 20% of our shareholders use 70% of the water. The biggest use of water is outdoor watering. Please continue to conserve water and examine ways to further conserve.  There is detailed conservation information on  the BLSMWC website.

Please learn how to read your water meter so you can monitor your usage.

Please be mindful of your water use when you  turn on the faucet, sprinklers, or hose. Once the
water leaves the tap, the valuable resource is  gone for good.

Thank you,
Sharon Tobias
Board President

California Drought Map