President’s Report

Please remember that your votes count and are important to the BLSMWC. The BLSMWC held the Annual Shareholder’s Meeting on June 4, 2022. The Director of Elections, Jeff Jones, reported that we did not have a sufficient number of proxies to achieve a quorum to conduct business, so we were unable to elect directors. A quorum would be achieved if we had received 491 proxies from our shareholders. Annual reports were given by General Manager Tyler Mayo, Treasurer Bill Cover, LRPC Chair Tom Schneider, and the President. The meeting was adjourned until July 9 in the hope that we would receive more returned proxies from the shareholders.

On July 9, the Board met and resumed the Annual Shareholder’s meeting. The Director of Elections, Jeff Jones, reported that we still were short by 46 proxies. A resolution was passed by the existing 4 directors to appoint Bill Cover, Dan Crosby, and Andy Rich as directors. Congratulations to Bill, Dan and Andy!!! An organizational meeting was held next to elect officers of the Board. The officers elected are Sharon Tobias as President, Andy Rich as Vice President, Bill Cover as Treasurer and Secretary. The following standing committee appointments were made:

  • Finance and Rates: Shareholder Craig Lutz, Bill Cover, Andy Rich and Jon Dashner
  • Infrastructure and Facilities: Shareholder Craig Lutz, Bill Cover, Dan Crosby, and Sharon Tobias
  • Investment Management: Bill Cover, Dan Crosby, Shareholder Craig Lutz, Andy Rich
  • Personnel: Andy Rich and Bruce Utter
  • Water Supply, Conservation and Outreach: Jeff Jones, Shareholder Joe Morgan, Sharon Tobias

We also held a regular Board of Directors meeting on July 9. During the meeting the Board proposed a changed to the Bylaws to consider reducing the quorum needed from 25% to 20% of shareholders in good standing in order to transact business at any meeting of the shareholders. The Board and BLSMWC will be looking at other voting methods for future elections. Thank you to the staff and the directors who called our shareholders requesting the submittal of proxies and ballots. Thank you to those of you who returned the proxy and ballot.

Thank you for all of your continued efforts in conserving water. Please continue conservation as we head into August and September.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Tom Schneider who was on the Board for 10 years and has served as Treasurer and led the LRPC for 7 years. Tom has led our efforts to make sure that the future of the BLSMWC is carefully planned. Tom is stepping down as the LRPC chair and will be greatly missed.