Summer will be here in a week or so…
Summer means the heat is coming and as a general rule, we use more water. You are probably tired of reading about water use but I have to remind everyone that CONSERVATION is still OK.

Yes, we had a good to better than average winter, and seemingly lots of rain but we still
have to be careful in our usage. The weather people are telling us that following El Nino will be La Nina, which is an extended dry period.  The water company has developed an up‐to‐date threshold that we have targeted as our savings percentage and that can be found in the General Manager’s Message.


The consultant that is assisting us in the pursuit of a US Department of Agriculture [USDA] loan will be visiting our July 9th Board of Directors Meeting and will have prepared a power point presentation on the grant’s proposal. We continue to remain optimistic that our proposal will be funded.

Very soon each water company customer will be receiving a single page ballot that will seek your affirmative vote on a very important matter.

When the water company was founded in 1962, the Articles of Incorporation called for three members on the Board of Directors. In the years between the mid‐1960s and early 1970s the Board was expanded to seven members and the company’s Bylaws were changed accordingly. At the time, the company failed to record this change with the State of California, which it was required to do.

During the in‐depth preparation for the competitive USDA grant, this oversight was discovered. This matter must be resolved for us to move forward. There is no alternate to putting the matter to a vote of the shareholders.

Again you should be receiving the one page ballot in the next few weeks.

Your response is CRITICAL.
Meters, Meters and Meters…The installation process continues, new meters are being added to the system every week. Last month the Board authorized the install of an additional 250. We have tested the new series of meters and they are performing well.
The grant proposal, if funded, will cover the costs of a large part of the remainder of the infrastructure improvement in the system and the new radio‐read meters. Going to the advanced meter device, with its option of electronic monitoring will include the replacement of existing meters.

We are still in the process of the purchase of the building we are currently leasing. What was thought to be a simple real estate transaction has become a very cumbersome event.

We’ll keep you posted.

Finally, enjoy the summer.

Be kind to the water inventory and save some along the way.
Bob Maginnis