As the saying goes – March has come in like a lion. I read that water users in California have increased their daily usage. I would assume that is connected to the rainfall. Everyone is encouraged to continue the good habits engineered and learned over the past 2-3 years and continue to CONSERVE. What is the worst than can occur if we continue to conserve….have too much water?

The Board in February covered a couple of items I think you’d be interested in. We have entered into a contract with a firm that we have been working with to engage a long term, low interest loan, with the US Department of Agriculture. This is a competitive venture. As we have mentioned before, there are still some extensive infrastructure improvements (completion of the replacement piping from the original rear yard method out to the street utility right-of-way as well as some improvements to the water treatment plant) that are needed .

The completion of Well Site #4 is near….finally. Once connected, the average gallon per minute flow will be a bonus to the current well production. Our current wells are strong and have recovered nicely thanks to the recent rain and snow.

As you know, we opened a contract with the Calaveras County Water District in November 2015 and the partnership is functioning well.

The Water Company will be using the next six to eight months to compile a profile of residential water usage. We have engaged 60 volunteers, both part-time and full-time to report to BLSMWC when they are in their homes and the number of people present. The Water Company will be recording meter readings on the water consumption on those 60 units. Our goal will be to develop a user pattern. Using the results, we will be in a better position to be able to structure a user rate based upon consumption rather than the flat rate we currently employ.

Generally Water Company billing rates are a combination of a monthly flat rate, often called a base or meter rate and a use or consumption rate calculated in cubic feet. The use/consumption rate is then set in increasing amounts, based again on the number of cubic feet of water used over a fixed period of time, usually a month or two. [One cubic foot of water = 7.48gal]

If a household of two uses 180 gallons per day (gpd) in an average month, this would equate to 5,400 gallons per month (gpm) or 722 cubic feet (cf). Currently for the metered accounts, our Company’s entry use rate is based upon 700cf for two months. If the 700cf threshold is exceeded, the rate payer is charged according to the amount used, over that base amount.

The “ 60 Survey ” mentioned earlier will be most helpful in précising average daily use, which will in turn assist our Water Company’s development of a billing structure. I would ask your patience as the transition is made to a metered system and the appropriate menu for actual use is developed. The goal is to connect cost fairness with actual use. We will get there.

Please take a bow for the conservation effort and encourage all who will listen to continue to do so.