Going over a past number of Bubbler publications, I have mentioned rather repeatedly the need for CONSERVATION.

While you might be tired of reading references to the need to CONSERVE, that need is critically before us. Not because I like talking about it but due to the lack of water from the last two winter’s snow melt. Look at how you use water and see where you can save. The simple application of turning the water flow OFF when brushing your teeth saves gallons of water system wide.

So …. once more: CONSERVE!!!

The Water Company staff is working on conservation methods, to ensure that there will be sufficient water during the hotter
months. Let me share some options we can all use:

  1. Low Flow Water Fixtures and Appliances: The water company has a program in place to apply rebates on your account to those customers that install Low Flow items. Look for details on our webpage: www.blsmwc.com
  2. Car Wash Tokens: The Water Company is purchasing car wash tokens for the Arnold Car Wash. We will be purchasing the tokens for use during drought stages 2 & 3. During these drought stages Shareholders may have 5 tokens per month.
  3. Irrigation Systems: Planning on installing a sprinkler or irrigation system? Please reach out to the Water Company as we must inspect all new irrigation/sprinkler systems per BLSMWC rules and regs #5.
  4. Leaks: All water systems have leaks. If you see running water, notice puddling, come across water in the roadway call the Water Company.
  5. Monitoring your usage: If you would like to monitor your own usage, we will teach you. Meter reading sounds complicated, but it is easy to learn. Give us a call and learn how or look for information on our webpage.
  6. Watering Forest Trees: If you wonder how the trees got to over 80‐100 feet, ask Mother Nature. You will notice that there are NO active forest watering systems. Nature does not deploy locally treated water, nor should any of us. Please let nature take care of the trees and refrain from the notion of placing a hose at the base of a towering tree.

Recently the last remaining older (c.1962) piping and values were turned off, thus eliminating any leaks in the system. All involved piping was replaced during the project and as of a few days ago, the entire system that delivers water is now completely metered.
You are now part of a delivery system that has been updated and will carry us all way into the future. The time to refine our CONSERVATION techniques is now. Many thanks for that you are all about to do.

Pick a side: Water Saver or Water Waster

One last matter: Voting for Members running for the Board of Directors. By now you have received an envelope with some information and a ballot. The ballot is for voting, and please remember, for your vote to be counted, you MUST return your SIGNED
proxy card. Please do so!!!

Thank you,
Robert JP Maginnis
Board President