The BLSMWC Board of Directors met on Saturday, May 23rd, in a ZOOM forum.  Due to the Covid19 virus, all regularly attended meetings have been suspended  for Board members, staff and visitors until further notice. When necessary, the  Board will meet via a conference call or ZOOM meeting.

Dave Hicks brought everyone up to date on the progress of the Project, and  stated that the overall project is on schedule and should be completed in the fall  of 2020. Please remember that no project of this size can be free of “surprises”  and this is no exception.  As part of the original bid, monies were designated to  cover these surprise areas. When all is completed, there should be a positive  cash flow remaining. One of the goals of the project was not to use company  monies and to rely solely on the USDA loan, which is occurring.   I encourage  anyone reading the Bubbler to read the LRPC Report which is full of financial  information!

The Annual Shareholders Meeting is scheduled for Jun 27th.   Please refer to the  Blue Lake Springs Water Company website:, as this may change.  Current options are to hold the meeting IF gatherings are allowed, or use an  electronic platform like ZOOM and invite all to attend.

Finally, there is one area that warrants repeating!  CONSERVATION!  Saving water is still OK.  Stay healthy and help those that aren’t.

Bob Maginnis|
BLSMWC Board President