The Board met via zoom on November 13, 2021. Discussion topics included the report from the Long Range Strategic Planning Committee (LRPC), the damage from the October storm, as well as the budget for 2022.

Tom Schneider gave a thorough report for the LRPC including the 2022 rate structure, the Asset Management Plan database, forecasted reserves budget and reserves fund policy update, as well as the preliminary budget for the 2022 year. After 9 years as the LRPC chair, Tom will be stepping down in 2022. During this time, Tom has done an outstanding job in planning for and managing the financial needs of future projects and other efforts of the BLSMWC. We hope Tom will stay in an advisory position for the BLSMWC for the near future.

The LRPC is still reviewing the budget for 2022 and we plan to have an approved budget by the end of 2021.

Resulting from the storm last month, there were several areas that had washouts which removed the road base/gravel and potentially exposed our newly installed piping. As you are winterizing your homes, don’t forget to remove any debris or items from the culvert on your property anything that blocks the culvert diverts water to unintended areas potentially causing damage.

If you haven’t done so already, please winterize your home and turn off any outdoor watering if you leave for an extended period of time.
And please continue to conserve water.

Happy Holidays.

Sharon Tobias
Board President, BLSMWC