Greetings, there are some interesting projects and programs going on and I want to discuss each one with you.


This was real popular during 2014‐2016 and has evidently, as shown in the increase in overall usage, for 2016 lost its allure. Included in this edition of the Bubbler is a
copy of a bar chart displaying the comparative usage, by month and year. You will notice that there has been an up‐tic in the overall water consumption since March
of 2016. I am asking that you revisit your efforts to contribute to an overall use reduction and refocus your priorities in the use of this precious element.
Please …


Allow Nature to handle this task. IF you are watering the forest trees, please DO NOT. There is no empirical data that we have found that insures watering trees will
prevent the intrusion of the bark or pine beetle. Nature is the “home’ provider of water and has a system of taking care of the forest.


You don’t read much about the drought or view anything on TV, as the media has grown tired or bored with discussing it. Yes, the drought is still alive and well.
Weather forecasters that view the future and are looking at the 2016‐2017 winter are predicting a La Nina, or a dry season. These are the same folks that said that
the 2015‐2016 would be kind of wet and it was. Let’s hope we get another wet winter and if we don’t, the time to prepare is now.


Over the past two years, we have been renting business office space in the former Rabo Bank Building, in Arnold. The Bank ceased their operations in January 2016
and put their facility on the market. We very recently concluded the building purchase. We continue to occupy the same space and were in the throws of marketing
the remainder of the facility, when we were approached by a local business indicating their interest in renting/leasing the portion we are not using.
We are in the very early stages of working on a mutual agreement. This would be a win‐win for this interested vendor and the Water Company.


Our application for a 12.2M infrastructure improvement loan is still moving through the USDA [United States Department of Agriculture] application review process.
We are on track and hope to receive the final approval in the next few months. Once approved, this will be a major undertaking on behalf of the Water Company and
will serve to bring our delivery system out of the 1960s and deep into the future. I am very optimistic that we will prevail.


You turn on the faucet and the water flows. A few years ago there was talk of No Water. I don’t hear that any longer. The contract with CCWD is now a year old and
working extremely well. Our General Manager and his counterpart with CCWD meet regularly on an as needed basis should any issue arise. Our wells are performing
and recovering nicely, as the performance pressure has been reduced with the CCWD addition.


The field staff continues to install meters and we have completed about 20% of the entire system. The new meter allows electronic monitoring and will eventually be
part of everyone’s residence. The aging meters, or those installed prior to the modern electronic devices will be replaced, as well. Once our present inventory is ex‐
hausted, the completion of the entire system will be covered in the USDA plan.
I wanted to mention that we are continuing our policy of installing a meter, if needed, during all property title changes (cost to be deferred until the USDA loan is in
place). In addition, we are moving to install a meter on those few exceedingly high volume consumption users.


The LRPC was developed a number of years ago to create a strategic planning process that would enable the Water Company to better prepare for its future. The
team is made up of three Board Members and a member‐at‐large. Their collective effort has been commendable.
LRPC is currently working on the development of a Rate Structure that will incorporate the data extracted from
the meter, as to cubic/feet consumption [one cu/ft. = 7.48gals] combined with an overall base rate. This will take
time as we are using a sample population of full‐time and part‐time users to look at the average monthly usage. I
am seeking your indulgence during this adjustment period. Our goal is to have the newer billing process in place by
January 2018.


There is lots of interesting info on our web site. If you are a fan of the site, please encourage your friends and
neighbors to visit.


Please think: “Gotta Winterize…” Plan now and you won’t have to grieve later.


Enjoy the holidays.
Lots to be thankful for.
Bob Maginnis