The BLSMWC Board met on Saturday, September 11 via Zoom. The highlight from the meeting included the extraordinary efforts of the Long Range Strategic Planning Committee (LRPC) led by Tom Schneider who reported on the water usage throughout 2021, the status of future work to be done, and the asset management plan. For more information, please see the LRPC report in the Bubbler.

I want to thank the shareholders for all your conservation efforts this summer. With your help, we have conserved more than the 15% of the 2020 usage requested by the State. Please continue to con-serve throughout the remainder of the year and beyond. It is greatly appreciated.

Will this be your first winter in Arnold? Fall is just around the corner, so it is time to prepare your cabin for winter for when you are not in residence. Check your irrigation systems – look for any leaks, bro-ken sprinkler or mister heads. Find the water shutoff valves for the cabin. Each time you leave your cabin for 24 hours or more, please remember to drain the cabin and shut off the water at the cabin as well as at the homeowner’s box near the meter. The homeowner’s box is adjacent to the BLSMWC meter box and contains the homeowner’s pressure regulating valve and a ball valve which shuts off the water closer to the meter.

Be sure to leave detailed winterizing instructions or a checklist for your friends and family that may use your cabin. Any water left in the pipes can freeze and will cause the pipes to break, similar to leaving a can of soda in the freezer. For more details please look at, under the tips tab, for how to winterize your cabin.

Thank you,
Sharon Tobias