Water Outage
Jerrilynn Drive
Wed. May 6th

Service was restored on Wed. May 6th at 1:00pm


The mainline near Tank 4 by Jerrilynn Drive will be shut off temporarily for service line repair. Homeowners on or near Anna Lee Way, Dorothy Drive, Jerrilynn Drive and Michele Way will be affected. Our team will be working as quickly as possible to replace and repair the line to restore water service as soon as possible.

Turning your water back on:

Even though our field staff do their best in flushing the system, sediment and air can still get in the water line. We recommend you flush the water using an outside faucet until the water is clear. Please keep in mind we are in Drought Stage 3, so do not let flush your water unless its absolutely necessary.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact our business office at 209-795-7025 or e-mail us at info@blsmwc.com.

Thank you,

Nhu Bergstrom
Accounts Manager